Jack In The Box Mega Munchie Box Price, Nutrition and Allergen

Mega Munchie Box (Below Items Are Included)

Mega Munchie Box

Price – $20.00

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What’s On It

  • 3 pcs Curly-Fries (Large)
  • 14 pcs Jalapenos (Stuffed)
  • 30 pcs Tacos (Tiny)
  • 3 pcs Ranch-Dip (Buttermilk-Cups)
  • 3pcs Lime Dip Cups (Creamy-Avocado)


  • Calories: Likely to be high in calories due to the combination of multiple menu items.
  • Fat, Carbs, Protein: The specific values will depend on the exact contents of the box at your location, but it will likely be high in fat, carbohydrates, and protein considering typical Munchie Meal options.


  • wheat
  • milk
  • soy


What comes in the Jack in the Box Mega Munchie Box?

The contents of the Mega Munchie Box can vary depending on location and promotions. However, it typically includes a large amount of food, often featuring:

Is the Jack in the Box Mega Munchie Box a good value?

This depends on your perspective and appetite. The Mega Munchie Box offers a large amount of food, potentially feeding multiple people. If you’re looking for a significant amount of food at a reasonable price (considering the quantity), it might be a good value. However, consider the nutritional content and potential lack of variety before making a decision.

Can I customize the Jack in the Box Mega Munchie Box?

Customization options for the Mega Munchie Box might be limited. You can inquire at the restaurant about substitutions or removing certain items, but there might be an extra charge or limited options due to pre-configured box contents.

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