Jack In The Box Has A Fan-Favorite Halloween Special Returning

Fans of Jack in the Box, get ready for a monster treat! The Monster Tacos, a Halloween treat that people on the West Coast love, are coming back to a popular fast food chain.

Since it came out in 2009, Jack in the Box customers have loved this extra-large, crunchy shell taco filled with tasty ground beef, chopped lettuce, two slices of American cheese, and taco sauce.

Over the years, the Monster Tacos have had a rough time on the menu. They have been taken off and put back on several times.

Jack In The Box Has A Fan-Favorite Halloween Special Returning

But it looks like Jack in the Box has heard what its loyal customers have been saying and is bringing back the monster treat.

Those who haven’t tried the Monster Tacos yet should mark October on their calendars and go to the closest Jack in the Box.

Additionally, this one-time-only menu item is sure to make your dinner a little spooky. With Jack in the Box’s Monster Tacos, you can eat some devilishly good tacos and enjoy Halloween in style.

Monster Tacos are back at Jack in the Box for a limited time

The fan-favourite Monster Tacos will be back at the chain this year, just in time for Halloween and National Taco Day on October 4.

According to Food Beast, they will be available at Jack in the Box stores all over the country on that day.

Even better, guests will be able to buy two of them for just $3 at the restaurant.

Even though you might not be able to defend yourself from scary things on Halloween if your hands are full, you’ll have two times as many giant tacos to eat if you decide to go on a Scooby-Doo-style monster hunt.

Jack In The Box Has A Fan-Favorite Halloween Special Returning

It’s no surprise that some Jack in the Box fans praised the return of Monster Tacos for the fourth time on Twitter.

“MONSTER TACOS ARE BACK AT JACK IN THE BOX @JACKBOX THANK YOU,” tweeted @skywardsurge, and @Ominouss_ shared how they usually get the food.

“Extra cheese and extra sauce is the only way!” they said before praising the “rad taco sleeves” that come wrapped around the handhelds and have scary pictures of Jack on them.

Jack in the Box will only sell Monster Tacos until October 31, 2022, which means we may never have the chance to eat them again, and that is a scary thought.

When planning your next meal, don’t forget about Jack in the Box menu prices for a delicious, budget-friendly option.

FAQs – Jack In The Box Has A Fan-Favorite Halloween Special Returning

What are Monster Tacos?

Moreover, Monster Tacos have an extra-large crunchy taco shell filled with ground meat, shredded lettuce, two slices of American cheese, and taco sauce, all wrapped up in a scary taco sleeve.

Are Monster Tacos back at Jack in the Box?

Yes, Jack in the Box has brought back Monster Tacos for a limited time, just in time for Halloween and October 4, which is National Taco Day.

How long will Monster Tacos be available?

Jack in the Box is the only place where you can get Monster Tacos until October 31, 2022.

How much do Monster Tacos cost?

You can purchase two Monster Tacos for just $3 each.

Can I order Monster Tacos online?

Yes, shoppers can order Monster Tacos for pickup or delivery online or through the Jack in the Box app.

Are Monster Tacos available at all Jack in the Box locations?

Yes, you can get Monster Tacos at any Jack in the Box in the country.

Can I customize my Monster Tacos?

Yes, customers can change their Monster Tacos to their liking by adding or taking away items.

Are Monster Tacos spicy?

The level of heat in Monster Tacos relies on how spicy you like your food. But if customers want more heat, they can ask for extra spicy taco sauce.

Are Monster Tacos suitable for vegetarians or vegans?

The Monster Tacos contain ground beef and cheese, so they are not suitable for vegetarians or vegans.

Will Monster Tacos be back next year?

We don’t know if Monster Tacos will be back next year as of right now. So it’s best to get them while you still can.


Monster Tacos are back, and if you like Jack-in-the-Box and Halloween, you won’t want to miss them.

Customers always like these limited-time menu items, and this year will be no different.

So mark October 4 on your calendar and head to the Jack in the Box near you to get your hands on these tasty tacos.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the special deal and change them to your satisfaction.

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