What You Should Know About Jack In The Box’s First Plant-Based Menu Item

The new Unchicken Sandwich is the first plant-based item on the menu at the famous fast-food chain Jack in the Box.

This meatless option will be available for a short time at a few places in California and Nevada.

If the test goes well, the food will be available at more places. With the demand for plant-based food on the rise, Jack in the Box is trying to please both meat eaters and plant eaters with their basic or spicy Unchicken Sandwich.

What You Should Know About Jack In The Box's First Plant-Based Menu Item

The meal is made with a mix of protein from peas and rice and is vegan-friendly in every way.

In a strange move, Jack in the Box is giving away chicken-scented masks with the launch of the Unchicken Sandwich.

This has made people wonder if the smell of chicken will attract or turn off potential customers.

Let’s find out more about the Unchicken Sandwich, Jack in the Box’s first plant-based food item.

To cruelty free and beyond!

As the Forbes article points out, the story of the coronavirus causing havoc on the fast food industry has overshadowed the progress these companies have made in adding meatless protein options to their menus, with the obvious exception of Arby’s.

In fact, this is the second time in the last few years that this business has tried something like this.

Farming Independent said in August that KFC was trying their nuggets and wings made from plants in Atlanta, Georgia.

What You Should Know About Jack In The Box's First Plant-Based Menu Item

Whitney Stuart, a board-certified and licensed dietitian-nutritionist, told Insider, “At the end of the day, we’re aiming for a natural, whole food, and this isn’t it.”

Still, now that Jack in the Box is in the fake chicken business, there is a new competitor.

Moreover,The Food Institute has called the battle between Jack in the Box and KFC over the market share of non-meat eaters “Chicken Wars with a Plant-Based Twist.”

Their efforts are being matched by the British chicken chain Nando’s with its The Great Imitator, which is made with pea protein, and by Fazena Futuro, a food tech company based in Brazil.

Insider says that more of these runs might not happen because it’s not clear if KFC will commit to making a way to cook without meat to stop the risk of contamination.

The Food Institute also says that Nandos’s choice isn’t vegan because there is still a chance of cross-contamination.

Maybe everything is just right for Jack in the Box to ruin the party.

FAQs -What You Should Know About Jack In The Box’s First Plant-Based Menu Item

What is Jack in the Box’s new plant-based menu item?

The Unchicken Sandwich is a new item on the menu at Jack in the Box. It is a chicken sandwich made with plant-based nutrition instead of chicken.

Where is the Unchicken Sandwich available?

Currently, the Unchicken Sandwich is only available at select locations in Reno, Nevada, and Monterey and Salinas, California.

Is the Unchicken Sandwich vegan?

The Unchicken Sandwich is not vegan because it has mayonnaise, which often has eggs in it.

How much does the Unchicken Sandwich cost?

At places that sell it, the Unchicken Sandwich costs $6.99.

Is the Unchicken Sandwich gluten-free?

No, the Unchicken Sandwich is not gluten-free because the bread and other items may contain gluten.

What is the nutritional value of the Unchicken Sandwich?

The nutritional value of an Unchicken Sandwich varies based on the ingredients used and the method of preparation. But plant-based options often have fewer calories and less fat than meat-based choices.

Is the Unchicken Sandwich healthier than a regular chicken sandwich?

The Unchicken Sandwich might be better for you than a regular chicken sandwich because it gets its nutrition from plants and has less fat and calories. But it still has processed ingredients, so it should only be eaten in small amounts as part of a healthy diet.

Will Jack in the Box offer more plant-based menu items in the future?

If the test of the Unchicken Sandwich goes well, Jack in the Box may add more plant-based items to its menu in the future.

How does the Unchicken Sandwich compare to other plant-based fast food options?

The Unchicken Sandwich is another choice for plant-based fast food, which is becoming more popular. and Other options come from chains like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods. These foods vary in how they taste and how healthy they are.

Can I get the chicken-scented mask for free with the Unchicken Sandwich?

The chicken-scented mask deal was only available for a short time and may not be available at all locations. It also has nothing to do with getting the Unchicken Sandwich.


The Unchicken burger, Jack in the Box’s new plant-based menu item, makes a great addition to the fast-food chain’s menu.

For vegans and those looking for a quick and healthy plant-based meal, the Unchicken Sandwich is a delicious option.

While not gluten-free, the Unchicken Sandwich is an excellent option for those reducing meat intake or following a plant-based diet.

If you’re a fan of Jack in the Box or searching for a new plant-based option, give the Unchicken burger a chance. You can use the Jack in the Box website to find a store near you that serves the Unchicken sandwich.

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