The Returning Jack In The Box Menu Item That Has Fans Excited

The Returning Jack In The Box Menu Item That Has Fans Excited: If you like Jack in the Box, you probably already know how good their curly fries are.

But the fast-food chain chose to raise the stakes by adding the new and exciting Roost fries to their menu.

Customers loved the loaded fries, and many of them raved about their unique taste and delicious crunch.

But because they were only available for a short time, many fans were sad when they were taken off the menu.

The Returning Jack In The Box Menu Item That Has Fans Excited

But don’t worry, fans of Roost fries: the popular side dish is coming back. This time, customers will be able to choose between the original and spicy forms, giving them even more ways to satisfy their cravings.

So get ready to bite into something spicy and tasty with the return of Roost fries, a popular menu item at Jack in the Box that has fans excited.

Roost Fries’ return received positive reactions on social media

Brand Eating says that the classic Roost fries are covered in a gooey mixture of chopped cheddar cheese and cheese sauce.

The chain tops the fries with pieces of breaded white-meat chicken and finishes them off with their famous Good Good sauce.

Those who want their fries to have a little more kick can try the hot Roost fries.

This version has the same delicious chicken and cheese as the original order but adds slices of pickled jalapenos and a spicy version of their signature Good Good sauce to spice things up.

The Returning Jack In The Box Menu Item That Has Fans Excited

The chain revealed the return of the Roost fries on social media with a meme.

They posted a picture of a regular fry next to a plate of Roost fries on Twitter with the joke caption “I’m built differently.” Many fans seemed happy to hear that the snack would be back.

One Twitter user answered, “This makes me want to cheat a day early and get some… Jack… what are you doing?” “Shipping to Chicago asked…Please and thank you!” wrote one fan, while another shared a picture of their own order of Roost fries with the caption “Yessir.”

So it seems like at least some Jack in the Box fans have been waiting to get their hands on this snack since it came back.


Fans of Jack in the Box will be happy to hear that Roost Fries are back on the menu. Many people have missed these unique and tasty fries, and their return is sure to please both old fans and new ones.

Roost Fries are a tasty side dish that will leave you wanting more. They have a mix of smoky and spicy seasonings and are made with curly fries. So go to your neighbourhood Jack in the Box and try them out for yourself. You won’t be sorry!

Fans are excited about Roost Fries, a food item that is coming back to Jack in the Box. Happy eating!

FAQs – The Returning Jack In The Box Menu Item That Has Fans Excited

When will Roost fries be back on the menu at Jack in the Box?

This summer, Roost fries will be back on the menu at Jack in the Box for a short time. But they haven’t said when it will happen.

What are Roost fries?

Roost fries are loaded French fries that were first sold at Jack in the Box in 2021. They are full of cheese, chicken, and a special sauce. They come in both basic and spicy flavors.

What is in the classic Roost fries?

The classic Roost fries have breaded white-meat chicken, chopped cheddar cheese, cheese sauce, and the chain’s famous Good Good sauce.

What is in the spicy Roost fries?

The spicy Roost fries are the same as the standard ones, but they have thin slices of pickled jalapeos and a spicy version of the Good Good sauce.

Are Roost fries available at all Jack in the Box locations?

Not every Jack in the Box has roost fries on the menu. Customers should check with their neighborhood restaurant to see if they are still available.

How long will Roost fries be available for?

Jack in the Box will offer Roost fries for a limited time this summer, with no specific duration announced.

How much do Roost fries cost?

Prices for Roost fries may be different based on where you are, but they should be about the same as other side dishes at Jack in the Box.

Are Roost fries gluten-free?

No, Roost fries aren’t made without gluten. They have white-meat chicken that has been baked with wheat.

Can Roost fries be customized or modified?

Yes, customers have the option to customize their Roost fries by adding or removing ingredients to their liking. There may be extra costs, though.

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