Jack In The Box’s Newest Shake Is Worthy Of A Special Merit Badge

Want to cool off this summer in a tasty way? Look no further than the newest milkshake from Jack in the Box, which is made with one of the most popular Girl Scout cookie tastes.

This shake is made with vanilla ice cream and bits of caramel-coconut cookie. It is a sweet treat that is sure to please anyone with a sweet taste.

And if you like other Girl Scout cookies, don’t worry—there are a lot of choices for you, too.

Jack In The Box's Newest Shake Is Worthy Of A Special Merit Badge

There are a lot of ways to enjoy these well-known cookies, from copied brands to homemade recipes.

But try Jack in the Box’s new shake for a truly decadent summer treat. It might even get you a special badge for knowing how to enjoy desserts.

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Sub out the cherry on top for a Girl Scout cookie

The mint Oreo shake was first made by Jack in the Box as a way to mix cookies and ice cream.

Now, the fast food place has made a drink that looks like the Girl Scouts’ newest cookie, Adventurefuls.

A press release from the business says that the Girl Scout Adventures Caramel Brownie Shake is now on sale across the country for a limited time.

Jack In The Box's Newest Shake Is Worthy Of A Special Merit Badge

The base of the milkshake is vanilla, and it has cookie pieces and caramel syrup. What’s the best?

It also has a whole Adventureful cookie on top. Chew Boom says that a small shake costs about $5.50 and a large shake costs $7.

Girl Scouts of the USA just came out with a new cookie called “The Adventureful.”

The cookie is a “brownie-inspired cookie with caramel-flavoured crème and a hint of sea salt.”

After the cookie came out, there was more demand than supply, so there weren’t enough Adventures to go around.

Let’s hope that doesn’t happen again this summer. If it does, we’ll have plenty of chances to cool off with this tasty drink.


If you like milkshakes, you won’t want to miss  Jack In The Box’s Newest Shake Is Worthy Of A Special Merit Badge.

This shake is a great treat for anyone who likes chocolate. It’s a must-try because of its rich, creamy taste, smooth texture, tasty toppings, and low price.

Go to the Jack in the Box near you right now and give it a try. You will not be let down!

FAQs – Jack In The Box’s Newest Shake Is Worthy Of A Special Merit Badge

What is Jack in the Box’s newest shake?

The Girl Scout Adventurefuls Caramel Brownie drink is Jack in the Box’s newest drink. It is based on the newest Girl Scout cookie.

What is in the Adventurefuls Caramel Brownie Shake?

The base of the Adventurefuls Caramel Brownie Shake is vanilla, and it has brownie pieces, caramel syrup, and a whole Adventureful cookie on top.

How much does the Adventurefuls Caramel Brownie Shake cost?

The normal size of an Adventurefuls Caramel Brownie Shake costs about $5.50, and the large size costs $7.

Is the Adventurefuls Caramel Brownie Shake available for a limited time only?

Yes, the Girl Scout Adventurefuls Caramel Brownie Shake is only available for a short time, according to a news release from the company.

What is the Adventureful Girl Scout cookie?

The Adventureful Girl Scout cookie tastes like a brownie and has a caramel-flavoured centre with a bit of sea salt.

Is the Adventureful Girl Scout cookie available year-round?

No, you can only get the Adventureful Girl Scout cookie for a short time every year during Girl Scout cookie season.

Is the Adventureful Girl Scout cookie gluten-free?

No, the Girl Scout cookie called “Adventurous” is not gluten-free. It is made with wheat and soy products.

Are there any other Girl Scout cookie-inspired desserts available at Jack in the Box?

Yes, Jack in the Box also has a mint Oreo shake that tastes like the Girl Scout Thin Mint cookie.

Is the Adventurefuls Caramel Brownie Shake vegan?

No, because it has dairy items, the Adventurefuls Caramel Brownie Shake is not vegan.

Can I order the Adventurefuls Caramel Brownie Shake for delivery?

Yes, Jack in the Box offers delivery through third-party services like Grubhub, Uber Eats, DoorDash, and others.

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