Jack In The Box Wants To Give You Free Tacos For ‘Twosday’

Do you like to eat tacos? If so, you’re in luck because on “Twosday,” Jack in the Box gives away two free tacos!

This Tuesday, February 22, 2022, is special and not like any other Tuesday. With any purchase, if you have the Jack in the Box app, you can get two of their tasty tacos for free.

Jack In The Box Wants To Give You Free Tacos For 'Twosday'

Even though the fast food place is best known for its burgers, its tacos are also very popular. So, put it on your calendar and get ready to eat some delicious tacos.

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The code you need to get the free tacos

The comment on Jack in the Box’s Instagram post read, “FREE TACOS?! It’s the biggest Taco Tuesday in the history of the world!

Go to the Jack in the Box app and use the code TACOTWOSDAY to get TWO free tacos with any purchase.

In 2019, the Jack in the Box app was made. The company’s website says that users who sign up for the app get 20% off their first buy.

Jack In The Box Wants To Give You Free Tacos For 'Twosday'

Ranker reports that Jack In the Box’s social media marketing team is well-known for their clever wordplay. And this discount code shows that the team didn’t let anyone down.

From what people said, it was clear that they were excited about the deal.

One person said, “I’ll definitely be ordering!” Another responder said, “Damn, it’s like a prophecy, Jack’s Tacolations 2:22,” to which @jackinthebox replied, “My favorite verse.”

Fans of the restaurant can be sure that this Taco Tuesday will be different from all the others.

Jack In The Box Wants To Give You Free Tacos For ‘Twosday’-FAQs

What is the “Twosday” deal?

The “Twosday” deal is a special offer from Jack In The Box on February 22, 2022. Customers who buy anything through the restaurant’s app will get two free tacos.

Is the “Twosday” deal available for in-store purchases?

The Jack In The Box app is the only way to take advantage of the “Twosday” deal.

Can I get two free tacos with any purchase?

Yes, you can get two free tacos with any order if you make it through the Jack In The Box app.

Do I need a coupon or promo code to redeem the “Twosday” deal?

No, you don’t need a discount code or ticket to get the “Twosday” deal. Just buy something through the app, and the deal will be added to your order immediately.

Is the “Twosday” deal available at all Jack In The Box locations?

Yes, you can get the “Twosday” deal at all Jack In The Box stores that take part.

How many times can I redeem the “Twosday” deal?

Customers can only use the offer once per stay and per customer.

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