Jack In The Box Just Dropped Its ’24 Days Of Jackmas’ Deals

A famous fast-food chain called Jack in the Box just started a new promotion called “24 Days of Jackmas” just in time for the holidays.

This exciting promotion runs for 24 days running up to Christmas and gives customers special discounts on different Jack in the Box menu items.

Customers can get the deals by going to the Jack in the Box store closest to them or by using the Jack in the Box app.

With so many savings, this deal is sure to be popular with fast food fans all over the country.

Jack In The Box Just Dropped Its '24 Days Of Jackmas' Deals

In this piece, we’ll take a closer look at the ’24 Days of Jackmas’ promotion and tell you everything you need to know to take advantage of these great deals.

The fast food chain, which is always trying to stand out from its clown and king competitors (it even made up its own holiday), has chosen to go all out for the holidays.

Last year, on December 13, Jack in the Box started its “12 Days of Jack” promotion.

From December 13 to December 24, customers could get free tacos, $2 Jumbo Jack cheeseburgers, and other treats (via Thrillist).

This year, Jack thought that “12 Days of Jack” wasn’t enough, so he turned it into “24 Days of Jackmas”.

Each day of the week is themed after a certain menu item

Last year’s “12 Days of Jack” had random prizes like double points on certain things or 20% off all in-app purchases.

This year’s “24 Days of Jackmas” is a little less random. Instead of a random offer, each day of the week is based on a certain food item.

Chew Boom says that “24 Days of Jackmas” will have “Iced Coffee Mondays,” “Taco Tuesdays,” “Sweet Treat Wednesdays,” “Thirsty Thursdays,” “Fry-days,” “Limited Edition Saturdays,” and “Savings Sundays.

Jack In The Box Just Dropped Its '24 Days Of Jackmas' Deals

If you visit your local Jack in the Box on Tuesday, you can avail of a special deal on the chain’s famous tacos.

But if you came on Friday, you couldn’t get any deals on tacos, but you could get a good deal on some fries.

Even though it’s not as random as last year, the December menu has some of the chain’s most popular dishes.

According to Business Wire, to receive these benefits, you only need to join the “JackPack” loyalty club through the app or the main website and check the “Offers” tab daily throughout the month to see what’s available.


If you like Jack in the Box, the “24 Days of Jackmas” deals are a great way to save money on your favourite things all month long.

With a different theme for each day of the week and a wide range of food options, everyone can find something they like.

To get the daily deals, don’t forget to download the Jack in the Box app and join the “JackPack” membership club. Happy holidays, and enjoy your meals!

FAQs – Jack In The Box Just Dropped Its ’24 Days Of Jackmas’ Deals 

Do I need to download the Jack in the Box app to get these deals?

Yes, you need to join the “JackPack” reward club through the app or the main website to get access to the daily deals.

Are these deals available in all Jack in the Box locations?

Yes, the ’24 Days of Jackmas’ deals are available at all Jack in the Box stores that are taking part.

Can I get the daily deals more than once?

According to the rules of the deal, each customer can only take advantage of each offer once.

Are these deals available for delivery orders?

Moreover, it’s not clear if the deals can be ordered for delivery or not. For more information, you should check with the Jack in the Box near you.

Can I use other discounts or coupons with the daily deals?

Additionally, it’s not clear if other coupons or savings can be used with the daily deals or not. For more information, you should check with the Jack in the Box near you.

What time do the daily deals become available?

The daily deals are offered from 12:01 a.m. PST to 11:59 p.m. PST on the same day.

Can I redeem multiple deals in one day?

I’m sorry, but you can only use each offer on the day it is given, and each customer can use it only once.

Can I combine the deals with other promotions or coupons?

Usually, you can’t use the “24 Days of Jackmas” deals in conjunction with other promotions or giveaways unless the offer explicitly states otherwise.

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